The 9th International Ceramic Competition, Mino

This week I made two trips out to visit the 9th International Ceramic Competition, Mino – the first with Hiromi Itabashi, professor of ceramics at Kanazawa College of Art, and a number of students from the Ceramics studio.  The second visit was with Kanazawa artist Masahiko Toide and fellow former residents of the Utatsuyama Craft Workshop – a seven-year reunion road trip of sorts.  Attached are a few images of my work in the show.

I’d love to include images of other works, but the watchful staff were quite strict about photography.  However, they have posted this nifty Virtual Gallery of the exhibition, the text is in Japanese, but you can just hover and click on the various numbers to see each work.

The show was quite interesting as it appeared there was a fairly distinct polarization of the works selected – sharp, white, paper-thin porcelain on one side, and dense, complex surface and/or ornamentation on the other.  In total 190 works were chosen from approximately 3000 entries submitted by artists in 57 countries.


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