Shikamaru Takeshita at Savoir Vivre Gallery, Tokyo

Only a few days remaining to visit a solo exhibition by Mashiko ceramic artist Shikamaru Takeshita (10/19-10/27) at Savior Vivre Gallery in Roppongi, Tokyo.  Shikamaru-san is one of the artists I met through the Mashiko Volunteer Center back in May, and I’ve visited him twice since then to help out with the rebuilding of his kiln and interview him for the panel I’ll be on titled “Life on the Edge – Mashiko Rebuilds” at the 2012 National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) conference in Seattle, along with fellow artists / educators Ayumi Horie, John Baymore, and Lynn Zetzman.

When I last saw Shikamaru-san in September he was busily working at a friend’s studio – due to a shortage of time and various delays, the rebuilding of his anagama was not to be completed on schedule for this, his first solo exhibition since the earthquake disaster.  Despite the potential disappointment of such a setback, Shikamaru-san was energetic and excited about making work in clay again, and the exhibition is a rare show of glazed and gas-fired work.

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First stop in Japan….a volunteering weekend in Mashiko

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A gallery of images from our first weekend in Japan spent volunteering in Mashiko cleaning bricks, etc. for local potters.  We traveled out by train and stayed at Mashiko-dokei, a great little cafe and inn.