Exhibition “Tokuda Yasokichi: The Power of Colour, Drawing on the Past” from The Japan Times Online

“Tokuda Yasokichi: The Power of Colour, Drawing on the Past” | The Japan Times Online.

…must find a way to see this exhibition – it’s currently at the Moa Museum, perhaps a good reason to visit Shizuoka, a prefecture I’ve yet to explore.  The third generation of a traditional overglaze family in Kanazawa, Tokuda Yasokichi III was trained in Kutani  techniques, but pioneered his own contemporary approach called saiyu, for which he was named a National Living Treasure (人間国宝 or ningen-kokuhou).  Works like the one above would be painstakingly applied with up to 200 gradational blends of Kutani overglaze colors to achieve the soft transitions seen in the image.


A Warm Welcome

It reads “Youkoso Barerii-san” or “Welcome Valerie”.  The little mikan oranges were a nice touch…  There are 3 faculty in Ceramics at Kanazawa College of Art and about 25 or so ceramics students in undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral courses